The 8th Wonder of the World


An Historic Construct

Envision a complete city within a building, rising to a height of 1610 meters (1 mile = 1609 meters). The base of the building will form an equilateral triangle measuring 1610 meters on each base line. One wall rises perpendicular to one base leg, with the other two walls angling in to complete the pyramid. Consideration is being given to stepping in each floor, so that a terrace or balcony will encircle the structure. This project has been downsized somewhat at the request of interested potential participants. We also have an alternative design if we encounter too much resistance to the pyramid.

The main building at ground level will contain parks, a golf course, and an atrium several hundred meters in height. Depending on the final design parameters, the building will house an estimated 35,000 residences, as well as hotels, theaters, restaurants, a major name casino, a university, schools, teaching hospitals, convention center, shopping malls, churches and offices.

The overall project site will measure 8 kilometers by 8 kilometers (5 miles by 5 miles), with the principal building sited in the center of those 64 square kilometers. This outer perimeter will consist of 50,000+ residential housing units, plus parks, a water park, and all of the normal amenities associated with a small city. However, this outside perimeter area does not form part of the main building. It does not need to be included in the overall project, for the project to be viable.

The present estimates are that the architectural and engineering drawings will be ready by late 2020, with ground breaking to be in 2020. The main building completion will be in approximately 2035, with the perimeter housing developed as the market permits. The overall economic benefit to the country where this project is developed, is estimated to be in the range of $25 billion. It is not possible at this time to estimate how many jobs will be created. Once completed, it will be the largest building in the world, and be a true city within.

Our initial focus is finding a suitable location for the pyramid city. This is not as easy as it may seem at first blush. First of all it must be in a politically stable and democratic country. It must also be in a region that is geologically stable, relatively flat, not over 400 meters of altitude, near a sustainable clean water source, and have access to a large amount of electricity. Other concerns include ensuring that migratory paths on land and in the air, are not interrupted and that indigenous peoples are not affected by the project. We require that the government provide this land to us at no upfront cost, so that we can pass that land on to the developers via land lease, rather than forcing them to purchase the land. This makes the project much more financially viable to the developers. Finally, it is a project that will require approval at all levels of government. Once the overall projected has completed, land ownership will revert to the government along with all existing land leases.




The Focus

To create a new city that has a university, hospitals, research labs, technology companies and any other field of endeavor that concentrates on cutting edge technology, research and development. The heating and cooling of all buildings in this project will use geothermal technology. The window glass to be used is under development at the moment by one of the world's leading glass manufacturers, and provides electricity to the structure. Our requirement from participants is that all structures must be designed and built to withstand a force 10 earthquake, and 240 kmh winds. This will ensure that regardless of any natural disasters, the entire project will provide safe haven for those living and working within.

This project will be based on leasing all underlying land to the various and numerous developers for the entire project. It has yet to be decided on how many lots will be in each unit leased, but the development level will be 10 houses per hectare (4 per acre). Each building lot will approximate 560 square meters (6,000+ square feet). In furtherance of that process, we are inviting proposals.

If you feel that you have something to contribute to this project, by all means contact us. The concept is ours, but the creation of this concept will be the work of many investors and developers.

This project has now reached the stage where it is time to arrange seed capital financing, with a view to later doing a public offering and becoming a public company.